Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Cik Azalilah and Puan Khairah in front of the surau of the complex
Signboard for the complex
The water feature built as part of the community service by the Navy
This hut was built by the Pondok people themselves
The dining hall
Time table for the students staying at the hostel
The girls' and wardens' quarters
Housing units for the elderly. Some of them have come to learn more about their
religion and be closer to God in their old age.
Pn Khairah and Ahmad Yasin
Cik Azalilah with Syed Junior
Syed Junior looks a lot like his dad, Ustaz Syed Sharim but I think he has his mother's eyes
The girls and their ustazah with the three teachers from Vokasma
With the boys of the Pondok in front of the surau

After helping the boys choose their Baju Raya, Pn Khairah, Cik Azalilah and I went to the Pondok for a visit. This is because Puan Khairah had never been to the place before. I notice some changes to the place. There are more plants now and a water feature has been built. Azizol told me that it was part of the community service by the Navy. Congratulations to Ustaz Syed Sharim and the members of the Pondok for the good work. As I keep saying time and again, the work that Ustaz Syed does is really something good. Therefore, I try to help him out once in a while and that is just very, very little compared to the time and effort he has put in for the orphans, the old folks and the poor.

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