Wednesday, August 24, 2011


This afternoon, Puan Kamariah, Puan Asiah, Ustazah Fauzana, Puan Nurul Marliana, Cik Irma, Cik Fatin and Cikgu Daniel were at the shops to help 10 orphaned and needy girls from the Manabi'ul Ulum Education Centre to choose new clothes and shoes for Hari Raya Aidil Fitri. We had done the same for 13 orphaned boys from the centre yesterday afternoon.
The lady teachers helped the girls to choose their Raya wear while Cikgu Daniel stood by to give helpful comments. Unlike the session with the boys, the one with the girls took a longer time as they took care in choosing the Baju Kurung and shoes. Well, girls will be girls! They do want to look their best for the festive season.


With the collection of money to buy festive clothes for the orphans and needy children, a few of the teachers and I were ready to carry out the task that we had set out to do. We had set Monday to take the boys for shopping. Cikgu Daniel, Cikgu Kamariah, Puan Asiah and I were waiting for two of our colleagues, CikguAli and Cikgu , who had gone to fetch the 12 boys from the Centre in Lekir. Puan Kamariah and Puan Asiah would help the boys choose their Baju Melayu (traditional Malay attire) while Cikgu Daniel and I would be taking photographs. As the treasurer, I'd be settling the bill after all the clothes have been chosen. The boys also bought new sandals to go with their Baju Melayu.
One of the orphans, Iz, is a student in our school, and he came along with us. So he was the first to choose his Baju Raya and also Kopiah (a type of headgear).

Here Kamariah is helping him to choose his festive clothes.

The orphans and needy children on arrival.

The six boys were ferried from the centre by Cikgu Ali

Cikgu Suhaimi helping one of the boys choose his Baju Raya.

Cikgu Daniel taking photographs.

Iz, Cikgu Ali with his two children and Miss Cheah.