Sunday, August 4, 2013


The two young children pictured with Kamariah and I above lost their mother to brain cancer very recently. The girl is 5 years old while her brother is 3. It is eally sad, isn't it to lose ones mother at so young an age. The two will be living at the Pondok after this. Posted by Miss Cheah at 8/01/2013 01:03:00 am No comments: RAYA SHOPPING FOR ORPHANS AND NEEDY CHILDREN Thirty-three orphans and needy children from the Manabi'ul Ulum Complex in Lekir were taken for Raya Shopping by my colleagues and I. This Raya shopping was made possible because of the generosity of the lecturers, staff, students and other well-wishers who contributed to the fund. I have been helping my friend, Ustaz Syed with collecting money to buy Raya clothes for 7 years already and this is the 8th year. Surprisingly, I did not need to go around much to ask for contributions. Instead I had people coming to see me at the library to hand over their contributions to buy clothes for these children. A total of RM2208 was collected but only RM2060 was used. This was because the proprietor of the shop slashed the prices of the clothing especially for the children. We have been going to the same shop for years because of the big discounts given. The remainder of the money which amounted to RM148 will be given as Raya money to the 33 children when my colleagues, students and I go there on Thursday afternoon. Here you see Kamariah and the store assistant helping one of the orphans to choose his Baju Melayu. Baz helping one of the boys to choose his Raya clothes. Rosni helping one of the girls to find a suitable Baju Kurung. The boys trying on new kopiah. This is one of the girls have chosen for her Raya clothes. Faiza and Rosni look on as the girls make their choice. My former student, who is now working at the Complex, helping his young wards to choose their clothes. Fauzana came with her baby girl. Baz and Yaya. Kamariah and I with some of the girls. Settling the bill. Faiza, Rosni and Norma willingly volunteered to help the children to choose their clothes. Me with some of the boys. The one in light purple shirt is Ustaz Syed's on, Fatahellah. The girls thanking Ana for helping them choose their festive clothes. Posted by Miss Cheah at 8/01/2013 12:56:00 am No comments:

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