Sunday, August 12, 2012


 I am happy to announce that a total sum of RM2196 was collected to buy Raya clothes for the orphans and needy children from Persatuan Manabi'ul Ulum in Lekir.
With money in hand, it was time for the shopping spree on Saturday morning.
 Cikgu Daniel was one of the lecturers who had volunteered to help.  Besides becoming the photographer, he also helped to drive a few of the orphans from the Pondok to the shop in Manjung.
 Puan Kamariah is helping two of the children to choose kopiah.  Looking on is Puan Umi, Ustaz Syed's wife.
 The cashier is taking down the items the boys and girls have chosen from the shop.
 Puan Kamariah and I are familiar with many of the children at the home as this is the seventh year we have helped them to buy Raya clothes.
 Three of the students from KVSM also came along with Cikgu Maznah to help.  

 Miss Cheah helping to give out the Duit Raya to the orphans that was given by one of the lecturers in our college.
 A group photo of the orphans and needy children together with Puan Umi, Puan Kamariah, Miss Cheah and a few of our students.
 The owner of Abu Hanifah shop handing the duit raya to Puan Umi to be given to the children who came to the shop this morning.
 After buying clothes and kopiah, the children went to Rapid Departmental store to look for sandals and shoes.
 You can see the girls choosing shoes in the store.
Shahira holding the pair of shoes that she has chosen.

Paying for the shoes at the counter. A total of RM1713 was spent during the Raya shopping.  Two of the children on the list did not come for the shopping spree and so I might hand the money to Ustaz Syed to buy clothes for them later.  The remainder will be given to the children as Duit Raya.

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